After playing countless live shows, performing with a number of artists and performers, and joining Quebec’s legendary rock band Offenbach as their drummer and singer, it's safe to say that Michel "Mike" Landry is no longer Quebec's hottest up and coming drummer, but rather a well established and respected musician in Eastern Canada's musical community!

Born on February 20th, 1985, in Connors, New Brunswick (a small town located 45 mins west of Edmundston), Mike was raised in a musical family on his father's side and excelled in music at a very young age. At the tender age of 3, he had already picked up the sticks and at age 4 he won his first local talent show. By the age of 7, he was in demand for all the local talent shows, festivals, benefit concerts, etc. He also got the knack for the guitar, piano, bass, most percussions, as well as finding his singing voice.

Throughout high school, Mike became a well sought after drummer. Whether it was in the high school musical variety shows, or as a member of the band Random, Mike became very popular in the local musical scene and with local press. Random was together for 3 and a half years, released an album which sold numerous copies and got some radio airplay, won 4 Battle of the Bands (including one provincial, beating out 19 other bands) and wrote enough material to release 3 more full length albums. In September 2003, with the desire to hone his craft, Mike moved to Montreal to pursue his studies in Sound Engineering. It was at that point that his career as a drummer would soar to new heights.

After a few weeks in Montreal, he met Offenbach guitarist John McGale.  They immediately felt a good chemistry together and became good friends. As a result, John decided to hire Mike as his full time drummer and formed a blues power trio named the John McGale Blues Force with bassist Robby Bolduc.  They have released a live album, capturing their chemistry and energy on stage.  As of November 2011, John also hired Mike as the drummer and singer for Offenbach, one of Québec’s most successful, influential et respected rock bands of all time, playing a large number of shows around the provinces of Québec, Ontario and New Brunswick as well as the French territory of St-Pierre & Miquelon.

In 2014, Mike was on his first European tour with The Cliff Stevens Band, a blues power trio.  The trio acted as the support act for Wishbone Ash.  A total of 33 shows in 36 days were played in Germany, The Netherlands, Belgium, Austria and Switzerland.

Most recently, Mike started a new power trio cover band called The Vinyls.  Along with Mike, the band features two well decorated and experienced musicians:  François-Olivier Doyon, bassist for the Queen Extravaganza (hand picked by Roger Taylor himself) and Olivier Goulet, guitarist for Garou. Together, they take great pride in playing music that everyone knows, but no one dares to venture out into.  Their repertoire includes a large number of 3 part harmony oriented material, pop, rock, Top 40 and everything in between.  They currently play every type of event from small bars and clubs, to arenas and festivals.  (Visit the Link page for more details)

When he's not out on tour, Mike can also be seen playing with a number of different blues, rock and pop projects.  In the past, he has toured or shared the stage with such artists as Martin Levac (world’s best Phil Collins impersonator), Kenny Dupree, Carl Tremblay, The Respectables, Steve Hill, Yves Frulla, Eric Lapointe, Zachary Richard, Jonas, Martin Deschamps, Breen LeBoeuf and many more.

Extra Info

Mike is is a dual citizen of Canada and the United States, which means that he can legally live and work in both countries.

Mike is a completely self-taught, versatile musician with perfect pitch and a fine singing voice capable of singing lead or back up vocals.  He plays primarily drums, but also plays guitar, bass, keyboards, percussions, mandolin, ukulele as well as having some basic knowledge of the flute, banjo and harmonica.

In addition, he also has basic music and drum notation reading skills.

Although an avid sports fan, especially of the NHL, he never played sports as a youngster for fear of an injury that could prevent him from playing music.

He was named most talented and most likely to become a rock star by his high school senior class.

Mike loves to cook and his favorite foods include:  Steak, Italian, Asian, anything on the BBQ and his grand mother’s home made donuts (may she rest in peace).

Favorite Drummers

Mike Portnoy, Neil Peart, Jose Pasillas, Chad Sexton, Danny Carey, John Bonham, Simon Phillips, Jeff Porcaro, Stewart Copeland, Mike Mangini, Tony Royster Jr, Virgil Donati, Steve Gadd, Ringo Starr, Phil Collins, Mick Fleetwood, Ray Luzier, Eric Singer, Peter Criss, Keith Moon … just to name a short few!

Musical Influences

Dream Theater, Tool, Rush, Filter, Incubus, 311, Billy Talent, Kiss, The Beatles, Queen, Phil Collins, Genesis, The Rolling Stones, Led Zeppelin, Eric Clapton, Chet Atkins, Jordan Rudess, Don Ross, Esthero, Eminem, Jamiroquai, Crosby Still Nash and Young,  Army Of Anyone, Liquid Tension Experiment, The Winery Dogs, Freak Kitchen, Neal Morse, Transatlantic, Porcupine Tree, Deep Purple, Symphony X and so many more!


Here is a list of the gear that I own and use:

Drums:  Pearl Drums

Reference - Purple Craze 2 Finish 

Kick:     22 x 18
Tom 1:  10 x 8
Tom 2:  12 x 9
Tom 3:  14 x 12
Floor:    16 x 16

Masters MCA 2009 - Ruby to Black Burst Finish
Kick:      22 x 20
Tom 1:   10 x 8
Tom 2:   12 x 9
Tom 3:   14 x 10
Floor:     16 x 14

Vision VSX – Champagne Sparkle Finish
Kick:        22 x 18
Tom 1:     10 x 8
Tom 2:     12 x 8
Floor 1:    14 x 12
Floor 2:    16 x 14

Vision Bop kit - Champagne Sparkle Finish
Kick:       18 x 14
Tom:       12 x 8
Floor:      14 x 14
Snare:     14 x 5


Pearl Eric Singer Sign. Snare (14 x 6.5)
Pearl Mike Mangini Sign. Snare (10 x 5.2)
Pearl Ltd. Edition Feathered Walnut Snare (14 x 6.5)
Pearl Modern Utility Maple Floor/Snare (14 x 10)
Pearl Modern Utility Maple Snare (13 x 5)
Supra Hammered Bronze Snare (14 x 5)
Buckson Handmade Custom Maple Snare (14 x 5.5)


Pearl Demon Drive Double Pedal - Set to long board

Cymbals:  Sabian

7"    Radia Cup Chime
8"    AA Splash
8"    SR2 Thin Splash
10"  AA Thin Splash
10"  SR2 Thin Splash
10"  B8 Pro Splash / 10"  HH China Kang - (Home made Stax)
12"/14" HH Low Max Stax (Mike Portnoy Signature Model)
14"  AAX Studio Hats
14"  HHX Groove Hats
16"  AA Thin Crash
17"  AAX Dark Crash
17"  HH Thin Crash
17"  AAX Xtreme Chinese
18"  AA Thin Crash
18"  HHX Xtreme Crash
19"  AAX Thin Crash
19"  Paragon Chinese
21"  HH Raw Bell Dry Ride
21"  HHX Groove Ride

Drumheads:  Remo

Emperor Tops (Clear or Coated) or
Vintage Emperor Coated Tops
Ambassador Clear Bottoms

Vintage Ambassador Coated Tops
Ambassador Hazy Snare Side

Powerstroke 3 Clear Batter
Ambassador Reso (Ebony, Coated or Smooth White)


Pearl 3 sided ICON rack system
Pearl B-1000 and C-1000 Cymbals stands
Pearl S-930 Snare Stand
Pearl H-2050 Two-legged Hi-Hat Stand

Throne:  Roc N Soc

Nitro series, Original Bicycle Seat

Sticks:  Vic Firth

American Classic 5A Hickory (Wood Tip)
Rute and Rute 505
Russ Miller Wire Brushes
T1 General Timpani Mallets


Roland SPD-SX (Black)
Roland SPD::One WAV Pad

Monitors:  InEarz Audio

Euphoria Model with "Smog" colour Faceplate, "Smoke" colour buds and "Red Light" colour on tip of right bud only
Sennheiser ew300 G3 IEM wireless system

Microphones:  Sennheiser

Live vocals: e945
Kick: e901 and e902
Snare and Toms: e904
Overheads: e914
Studio:  MK-4

Other Gear:

HD 280 Pro (studio headphones)
Boss DB-90 Metronome
Behringer XR18 Digital Rackmount Mixer
Soundcraft Notepad 102
M-Audio Firewire 410 Sound card
M-Audio Radium 49 Midi Controller Keyboard
JBL LSR 2300 Studio Monitors (x2)
Nuendo 4 with various additional plugins and VSTIs
Apple Macbook Pro 15" (running both O.X. 10 and Windows 7)
Apple iPad
Taylor 214CE Acoustic Guitar
Epiphone Masterbuilt Acoustic Guitar
Fender Stratocaster American Special
Fender Telecaster Mexican
Lado Hawk Series Electric Guitar (PRS style copy)
Bacchus Universe Series Jazz Bass

If you have any specific questions about my gear, please don't hesitate to ask!